Friday, December 26, 2014

What writing site is next to fail?

Many writing sites have shut down this past year, not the least being Yahoo Contributor Network.
In 2015, HubPages announced it had acquired "the best of Squidoo's" writing.

I was a little dismayed over this as I always felt that much of Squidoo was not actual writing but only thinly veiled sales capsules. I also did not agree with Squidoo's policy of only paying a select few writers. So far Hubpages hasn't adopted that payout policy

I do have faith that HubPages will continue to be the quality site that has allowed me to earn extra money each month. This last Panda update was rough, but views are again on the rise.

Is Bubblews going to be the next site to fail? My residual income is about a nickel a week over there, and new posts get no views at all. More and more people are complaining of not getting paid, and I feel Bubblews, too, is on shaky ground. (Update: Bubblews failed November 15, 2015.)