Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bubblews vs. Hubpages Review: Which is a Better Long-term Residual On-line Income Earner?

Bubblews is now defunct. I will keep this article up for historical purposes. :)

I currently have approximately 40 articles each on both article sharing sites HubPages and Bubblews. If you are not familiar with the sites, see my articles reviewing them: Bubblews or HubPages.

Bubblews is a new and very popular posting/social site. Because of a writer's ability to quickly earn money, many online writers are flocking to the site.  Many people reach the minimum $50 dollar payout weekly, with more then a few claiming to do it every other day. It does takes some work to earn the $50. You may get an initial flurry of likes and views, but these quickly disappear. To continue earning a steady amount, you must either have a lot of dedicated connections to other "Bubblewers" , or you must spend a lot of time liking and commenting on other people's posts.

HubPages is much different. It may take months before your views and earnings start to increase. Once the search engines "discover" your hubs, your views and earnings go up and tend to remain stable with only slight fluctuations from week to week.

Without interacting with other writers on either site, I can see a clear winner in my residual income quest: HubPages.  

I make between 5-10 cents a day in residual income from Bubblews. My worst earning days on HubPages earn me at least 35 cents, with my average earning being  over 75 cents.

Let us not forget that on HubPages we can also earn referral  money by selling items from Ebay and/or Amazon through our hubs. That referral capability brought me a nice little bonus last month from HubPages.  :) Since Bubblews frowns on affiliate links and will delete your account if it finds them, the same earning possibilities are not possible from Bubblews.

When it comes to long term residual income from your writing, I would put my money (and articles) on HubPages. If you are looking for quick money with no long term potential, give Bubblews a try.