Monday, March 25, 2013

7 Creative Uses for Hot Flashes

Lying in bed last night with the covers thrown off and wanting to run out into the snow, I imagined the heat waves rising off my body in shimmering waves. What a waste of energy a hot flash is. Being a frugal person, I started imagining all the practical - and not so practical - uses for our hot flashes.

A hotflash makes you feel as if you are on fire!


Instead of waiting for the car to warm up to deice the windshield, we could just drape our bodies across the glass. No more annoying waiting when we are in a hurry!

Save energy

Who needs hot water for a bath when you are burning up? A cold water bath would instantly become a hot tub during a hot flash. Think of the energy savings.

Defrost meat

Forgot to take the chicken out for supper? No problem! Just stick the wrapped chicken between your breasts for 15 minutes and it will be ready to cook - and you get a little relief from the heat.

Amaze your friends

Work outside on a the hottest day of the year. Explain to your friends that 100 degree heat is nothing compared to the volcanic hot flash you had last night.

Winter survival

Power lines down during an ice storm? No worries. Just gather your loved ones close and keep them warm with your own "power surge."

Better customer service

One look at your flushed, sweaty face will motivate even the most la-di-da clerk to check you out fast. She'll be afraid you're going to blow any second.

Get out of cooking supper

Tell your loved ones you think you are coming down with something. How will they know that it's not a fever but a hot flash instead?

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