Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bubblews Review: Easy Money for On-Line Writers?

Bubblews has burst. The notice reads:
After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting Bubblews.com down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.
We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.

My first impression of Bubblews was not a good one. The site looks cheesy and unprofessional. My second impression was that it resembles the Tower of Babylon. It is madness. But it is a site where you can earn money a lot faster then most revenue sharing sites. You don't even have to write well, you just have to write in English - or something which resembles English.

The minimum post is 400 characters - not words, characters! You can post a review, a complaint, a story, even your grocery list. A lot of people are using Bubblews to link to their blog or to their articles on other websites. I write on Bubblews using a pseudonym because I would rather not have my name associated with the silliness I post there.

But there is money to be made, you just have to know the system. A person earns a penny for every like, comment, and view their "article" receives. You receive a penny for every tweet, Goggle+ or Facebook like your article gets. When you post your first article, people will descend from nowhere and "connect" with you. You are expected to connect back, and start a reciprocal relationship where you like, comment on and view  each other's posts. It doesn't matter how awful or inane it is, you will get your penny! If you have the time to play the game you can earn money with little time or effort. (Bubblews has changed its earning system. See my last update at the end of the article)

There is a $50 minimum payout  (up from the previous minimum of $25) which is paid through your Paypal account. I have read of people who cash out every day, even sometimes twice a day. It may just be urban legend, but I believe if you have a good network of "friends" it may be possible. I have 8 posts currently and have earned almost $5 by basically throwing up crap. I have made a few connections, but I don't have the inclination to play the system.

If you have the time and inclination, Bubblews may be the place for you. How many products do you have in your home on which you can post a 400 character review? Got a gripe?  Write about it. Have a blog you want to promote? Use Bubblews for link building and for promoting your site. If you decide to try it and have success with Bubblews, drop me a line. I'm interested to hear how it works out for you. Happy Bubblewing. :)

Update 4-18-2013
I am up to $13.44  for 18 "articles". They are either links to Hub Pages or my blog here. Pretty impressive for a few minutes every day! I'm going to continue linking as it seems to be paying off. As one fellow writer said, it is like Twitter, but we get paid for promoting our own sites.
I'll update this again when I hit the payout of $25 and report if I get paid. I'm off to write another Bubble "tweet."

First Bubblews Payout, May 14. 2013
I hit $25 on May 11 and hit the redeem button that same night. On May 14th I received notice from Paypal that the money was in my account. So Bubblews does work! (So why can't I get motivated to write more there?)

Update: November 1, 2013
After moving June first and being offline until mid-August, I logged back into Bubblews and found myself half-way to pay out again with no new posts.  I have since received another payout, and am again half-way to a third payout. I post about once a week, and like or comment on one or two articles a day. I could earn much faster by posting and interacting more, but I am now working full time.

Check Bubblews out with this link: Bubblews

My last update for Bubblews: December 26, 2014.
I have decided to stop being active on this site. I was at $24 last year when the payout changed to $50. In the last 12 months I have earned only an additional $20.

I usually post something once a month, but I wrote a few times hoping to get to the payout by Christmas. I received NO views at all. Even when I "played" the system by liking and commenting on others articles, I did not earn anything.

The rate of earnings has changed to some unknown formula, and we can no longer see how many people have viewed our pages.

I am looking to earn residual income with my writing. I do not have time to connect and comment all day long.

At least I did earn $50 for the time I was there.

C'est la vie. :)


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