Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Does Your Writing Say About Your Personality?

have always been a voracious reader. Books, magazines, cereal boxes - whatever is handy. Reading other writer's material on the internet has exposed me to many unique voices. I wonder if my favorite  writers' real-life personalities match the personality of their pieces. I picture them as these: the Brain, the Professor, the Good Host, the Best Friend, the Humanitarian, the Techie, and the Romantic.  
The Brain
This writer is highly intelligent and well educated. Her articles are so filled with knowledge that I wonder if she doesn't have a computer chip instead of a brain. I imagine her personality to be straight forward and efficacious. I see her home as sleek and modern.
The Professor
His writing is similar to the brain's writing. He is also knowledgeable, but his thoughts are tempered with wisdom and life experience. I imagine him as a personable, highly intelligent man. His home may be a warm, cozy place. I see his home office as filled with books and papers.
The Good Host
She writes about her travels with warmth and graciousness. As she describes the atmosphere and the food, you can see the texture and colors of the decor, and you can almost smell the food simmering on the stove. I see her living in a chalet, with a large brick fireplace, and a warm inviting kitchen.
The Best Friend
Her writing HAS to be a reflection of her personality. Her good humor, modesty, and concern for others is always evident. Reading her articles will leave you feeling like you just had a good talk with a best friend. I see her as busy keeping her family functioning well, not with an iron fist, but with love and laughter. Her home is modest, but neat and filled with family mementos.
The Humanitarian
He uses his voice to speak for others who cannot speak for themselves. Intelligent and passionate, I imagine him as the type who spends every spare dime and spare minute working for the betterment of mankind. I see him living frugally and driving an old car, as material possessions are not important to him.
The Techie
His writing makes your head swim with technical stuff, but he writes it in a way that is easily understood. I imagine his home as being filled with computers, pieces of computers, and all the latest tech products and games.
he Romantic
She is a poet, and her poems are lovely creations that you want to sit and wonder about. I see her as a shy, quiet woman who favors feminine clothes. Her home is decorated with a feminine touch, with flowers perfuming the air.

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