Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who is Taking Your X-ray?

I'm an RT-R, a registered radiography technologist qualified in radiation exposure to humans. I have completed 6 semesters of college and passed a national registry test which certifies that I have the knowledge and practical experience to make medical images using radiation. In other words, I am a certified x-ray tech.

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Did you know that some states don't require a person to receive training before exposing another person to x-rays? Currently, only 37 states require a person to be accredited through an educational program. It is scary to think it may be a doctor's aid or his/her secretary who is shooting x-rays through your body. By not requiring a person to be professionally trained, those 13 non-certifying states are putting people at a higher risk of unnecessary radiation exposure, or a medical misdiagnosis due to low quality images.

NC is one state where certification and licensing is not required. According to, in February over 200 certified x-ray techs spoke with legislators about requiring licensing standards. Brenda Greenberg, R.T.(R)(CT) said, "Medical radiation can be dangerous when administered incorrectly, so it's crucial that we make sure that every medical imaging and radiation therapy professional is educated, competent and understands the importance of making sure patients receive the lowest dose of medical radiation possible."

Why do some states not have laws regulating radiology technicians? Some point their fingers at lobbying by doctors who operate small clinics and who wish to keep their costs down by not paying the higher salary a certified technician demands. Others blame the expense of setting up a state run licensing office.

Whoever is to blame, patients need to speak up about their concerns over radiation exposure. If you live in one of the thirteen states without certification standards, make sure your doctor or local hospital uses only registered technicians during x-ray, CT, and other medical imaging procedures. Your health may be at stake.

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