Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Court records and other documents for "Making a Murderer"

Steven Avery's 2005 mugshot.

The Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer has generated a lot of conversation nationally. I myself have doubts about convicted murderer Avery's innocence, but I am  disturbed by  the Manitowoc County's Sheriff's Department involvement in finding previously overlooked evidence.
 After viewing the official interrogation videos of Brendan Dassey, Avery's nephew, I do have serious doubts about Dassey's involvement.

I have decided to compile a page of documents relating to the Steve Avery/Brendan Dassey trials for my own, and hopefully your, convenience.

It is a work in progress and documents will be added as I find them.

A who's who list of people who are important in the documentary "The Making of a Murderer."
Who's who?

A timeline of events:

Avery's Wis. Stat § 809.30(2)(h) Postconviction MotionThe motion argued that Avery should be granted a new trial because he was not allowed to present alternate suspects in his trail. The suspects are named, including his brothers!

Transcripts concerning Brendan Dassey

  • Written transcripts of phone call between Brendan and his mom. I this call Brendan tells his mom he was involved in the murder:     Brendan61306
  • Written transcript of the initial police interrogation of Brendan, Brendan says he saw body parts. Brendan tells the officers that Steven admitted to stabbing Ms. Halbach in a Jeep: Brendan's first interrogation
  • Transcript of the nest police interrogation. Brendan tells the police he was actively involved in the rape and murder: Brendan transcript March, Video of interrogation:  Video of interrogation
  • Transcript of Dassey and is lawyer's "investigator. DasseyInvest 
  • Transcript of interrogation which happens after Brendan's first lawyer allows the defense interrogator to coerce Brendan into writing an account of what happened. Brendan's lawyer allows the police to interrogate Brendan without the lawyer's presence. Brendan gives another account which is totally inconsistent with his third account. Brendan transcript 4 May
Dassey's court documents

Photo of blood found near the ignition on the RAV4

Kenneth Kratz

  • Supreme Court regarding disciplinary proceedings relating to Kratz's sexual harassment of  a domestic violence victim: Kratz supreme

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