Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tips for Designing and Selling on Zazzle

If you've decided to take the plunge and market your creations on Zazzle, these 5 tips will make your venture easier and more profitable.

Tip #1. 

Do not - and I repeat - do not use the quick create function unless you have time to individually edit every design, I haven't created any design which fits well on every product Zazzle sells.

That fabulous design you slaved over may look good on a t-shirt or mug, but it probably won't work for those earrings Zazzle sells. And does anybody buy Christmas ornaments with skulls on them?

Tip #2

Don't use just any image you find on the internet. Most are copyrighted and using them is STEALING! You could find yourself in a world of trouble if you use them. Zazzle will catch most copyrighted images.

You're how old? Monkey mug
You're only limited by your imagination!
There are many resources to find images in the pubic domain. Try Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons. Flickr also has public domain images, but you have to check the license on each image or do a search specifically for images you can legally use.

Tip #3

Check the size of your image files. You may have a great idea for a t-shirt that you believe will break all sales records, but if the file is too small you will have a tiny picture on a big t-shirt. Trying to enlarge the pic will generate a "pixelated image" warning and you won't get your design onto Zazzle.

If you do not have your own graphic or picture program, Picmonkey can resize your pictures for free. Picmonkey also has premium features you can access with a monthly subscription.

Tip #4

Plan out your collections before starting. Zazzle allows you to group your products together under different collections. The collections can be anything you want, such a collection each for spiders, snakes, or bees. You can also make collections using products, such as mugs, t-shirts or cases. It's up to you how you want to showcase your products.

If you have many items with the same image, you don't want to add them all to the same category. No one wants to wade through a collection of  different style shirts with the same design on them.

Tip #5

Try to specialize, When I started, I had so many ideas for products that I ended up with a mess. I have since opened five new stores so I can concentrate on selling one theme per store. The original store is still cluttered with too many products, but I'm slowly getting it sorted out. Uffda!

Tip #6

Check all your text in the "art view" before posting for sale. When I started I lost two sales because the edge of the text was slightly outside the printable area. It was discouraging to lose sales because I didn't take the time to ensure the design didn't fit properly.

Tip #7

Put your designs on a variety of products. I never thought jewelry or puzzles would sell, but I have been proven wrong! What do you have to lose? Sometimes I have created a design and put it up for sale thinking it would be a dud and I have been surprised when it sold.

Good luck with your "Zazzling!"

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